Spring Cleaning Hit List for a Healthy Home

 With all the health events happening over the last few weeks, it makes more sense than ever to ensure you have a clean home. To help you do so, we have some suggestions for disinfecting your space for a healthier home life.


1. Target Your Tech 

We know you bring your cell phone into the bathroom. No shame here, it’s super common! Thus, its super important to wipe down your phone, as well as other frequently used pieces of technology in your home 

TV remote 




Gaming Consoles 


2. High-Touch Surfaces

You can use soap and water if you couldn’t get your hands on disinfectant wipes or sprays. Find the spots that people touch the most and give them a good scrub down: 

Tables and countertops 

Doorknobs and handles 

Light switches 


Certain viruses can survive on these surfaces for up to 3 days, according to the CDC.


3. The Soft Spots 

We don’t know exactly how long the coronavirus can survive on soft surfaces. I’m sure the drapes are getting a little musty anyway, so let’s throw them in the wash. Same goes for other items like rugs, throw blankets, tablecloths, and pillows. Check the tags to ensure you’re using correct wash settings, of course. If you have carpeted flooring, it’s a good time for a good shampooing.  


4. Kids’ Corner 

If you have young kids in the house with lots of toys, you’ll probably want to sanitize them. The toys, I mean. Some things will have to be done by hand, like action figures or other hard plastic type items. Stuffed toys can likely go in the wash, depending on manufacturing instructions. Those little plastic building blocks, if contained in a machine-washable mesh bag, can go right into the dishwasher. Top rack, of course. 

We hope these suggestions gave you a good place to start. Happy Spring Cleaning!