Can I Still Move During COVID19?

We’re entering what would be the hot time to buy a new home, but with social distancing in place, a lot of our normal life is on pause for the moment.

The CDC recommends that everyone stay at home and practice social distancing as much as possible. However, it is still possible to find your happy home amidst all this uncertainty.

Virtual Showings

Plenty of sellers are taking advantage of virtual open houses via video chat. All you need to do is contact the seller and request an appointment. It makes for a more intimate viewing experience, too!


Once you found your dream destination, you can still qualify for a mortgage. There are plenty of options available, and we are experiencing super low rates right now. Depending on your financial situation, this could be a great time for you!


Though not all parts of your closing can be done digitally, it’s still a safe and seamless process. More on that here.

Moving Companies

Don’t have a ton of friends who owe you favors and/or like being paid in beer and pizza? No worries, plenty of moving companies are still open and operating under proper social distancing protocol to get you from point A to point B. We do suggest a heartfelt tip – heavy lifting isn’t fun even without a mask making it tougher to breathe!


Moving to a new state? Depending on where you’re going, you should still be able to safely drive across borders. Airports are still open and running plenty of flights if you need to travel far, and the volume on those flights are way down.  Overall, we suggest checking with your current, new, and any other states you’re passing through to see what guidelines they are enforcing. It’s always best to be prepared!

Moving right now can be as simple as you need it to be. Safety is everyone’s priority, and all associated parties have made sure they are conducting business responsibly. It all starts with an application. Contact us online or on the phone to get a free quote and a pre-approval today!