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A Guide to Year End Tax Prep

Taxes may not be due until April, but it’s always a good idea to round out the end of the year by getting your finances in order. There are a few[…]

Conforming Loan Limits are Increasing

There is big news for borrowers: the conforming loan limits are increasing from $548,250 to $647,200.

Tax Exemption Amounts Increase for 2022

The Internal Revenue Service has announced that several gift and estate tax exemption amounts will be increasing for 2022. 

High Balance Loans

FHFA designates some counties in the US as “high cost of living” counties and provides a larger loan limit to accommodate homeowners in those counties.

FEMA Disaster Survivor Scams

With the recent Hurricane Ida, more and more scammers are trying to take advantage of vulnerable groups. 

Discrete Fall Décor Ideas

If you’re like most, you might not want to keep shuffling decorations in and out of your living spaces with the seasons.

Fannie Mae Changes Helping More Renters Turn into Homeowners

Fannie Mae announced that rent payments will now be considered when evaluating a potential borrower’s credit for a loan. 

How to Buy a House in 2021

Buying a home has always been a process, but with the pandemic and this year’s market, it has become an even more unique experience.

Staging a Home Increased Offered Prices, Cut Marketing Time

Does staging really work? According to a new survey from the National Association of Realtors® (NAR), yes!

Top 10 Important Items Regarding Your Loan Process

In order to help us give you the best experience possible, there are a few key things to note on your behalf.